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Welcome to the Hey Clinic

The Hey Clinic creates hope by providing compassionate and individualized spine care for our guests and their families allowing them to return to the activities they enjoy.

The Hey Clinic is not just a clinic, it's a family. As a family, we strive to host our patients as we would guests in our own homes by providing them with the best possible experience throughout their time with us. We believe that at the root of all great relationships are great people, and our staff is committed to nurturing these lasting relationships with all of our guests.

Dr. Lloyd Hey, MD, MS, a Harvard-trained spine surgeon, helps our guests lead dynamic and productive lives by repairing and correcting spinal deformities and providing ongoing management and care. At the Hey Clinic, we are committed to treating you, not just your condition. This comprehensive approach enables you to pursue an active lifestyle previously lost to disease or never fulfilled due to a lifelong affliction. We want to thank you for visiting us and welcome you to our family.

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Before & After

Before and After
As dramatic as the difference is when looking at Dr. Hey’s guests from the outside, the X-Rays tell the real story. Take a look at some of the miraculous “straight solutions” Dr. Hey has provided for his guests. These pictures are worth thousands of words.
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Dr. Hey’s enthusiasm for his work and his guests knows no bounds, but wait until you hear his guests and their families talk about him--people from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe and from every age range. We could tell their story for them, but their words are truly from the heart.
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Contact Information


Practice Name:  Hey Clinic, PA
Office Phone:  919.790.1717
Office Fax:  919.573.9438 *note - 919-825-3939 will no longer be active after 12/31/13
Address:  3404 Wake Forest Road
Suite 203
Raleigh, NC 27609



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